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Download standards for fall protection programs and equipment. ANSI/ASSE Z359 Fall Protection Code Packag OSHA fall protection equipment inspection guidelines require that employers perform regular equipment inspections on lifelines, harnesses, lanyards, and SRL's to ensure that their gear is up to date and compliant with the proper safety standards. Fall protection equipment should be personally inspected before each use and at least once a year. Conducting a thorough visual inspection of your fall protection and Personal Protective Equi pment (PPE) is a crucial and necessary step before undertaking any job. We wanted t o help both standa rdize the task and make it easier with an OSHA inspection checklist for fall protection equipment. We pored over our product manuals, OSHA standards, and demonstration videos to create comprehensive.

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  1. fall protection equipment inspection The inspection of Fall Protection equipment is a really important part of your day to day activities when working on heights. Unfortunately, there are too many examples in which a piece of equipment gets overlooked in the rush to get to work
  2. This is a comprehensive inspection course which after completion will allow those responsible for the inspection of fall protection equipment to make educated decisions on whether the equipment can remain in service or should be removed from service. The training will also include standards and regulations, incorporating what they require and.
  3. FALL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT INSPECTION LOG Appendix 2: Detailed inspection Logs 59. Subject: fall protection equipment inspection Created Date: 2/21/2014 5:40:30 PM Keywords: equipment inspection,inspection,checklist,inspection checklist,inspection log,fall protection inspection,fall protection equipment inspection.
  4. ANSI Inspection Standards. According to ANSI/ASSE Z359.2-2007 American National Standards Section 5.5.2 Fall protection equipment shall be inspected by the authorized person at least once at the beginning of each eight hour shift in which it is used to verify that it has not sustained any wear or damage that would require its removal from service
  5. The Competent Person for Equipment Inspection course is designed for the fall protection equipment user, or at-risk worker, as well as their supervisors and the safety professional. It is also designed for those in the tool room who may issue fall protection gear to others and who are required to perform regular inspections on it. The last.

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Fall Protection Equipment Inspection. Course Code: 6222 Duration: 4hrs Industry: Specialized Fall Protection Overview. This half day program is directed towards individuals who will be tasked with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining a work site fall protection equipment inventory.. to provide practical, hands-on guidance for fall protection users and administrators in their selection, use, maintenance and inspection of fall protection equipment. Information in this guide is based on OSHA regulations and ANSI standards pertaining to fall protection, and was provided by members of the ISEA Fall Protection Group

Apprenticeship program resources: Safety equipment inspection. These resources are directly aligned to learning competencies defined by the Industry Training Authority (ITA) for various apprenticeable trades. For more information and resources on these topics, please visit the Health & Safety section of this website Students will learn how to complete a formal fall protection equipment inspection. This will allow them to identify when equipment is okay for use, must be removed from service or returned to the manufacturer for re-certification. Course was awesome. Peter is very knowledgeable, educational and informative Course: 6222O Virtual - Fall Protection Equipment Inspection (CDN) Course code: 6222O Language: English Starts: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 8 a.m.-noon AT When: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 8 a.m.-noon AT View Cancellation Policy Note: For this course that is delivered through a virtual classroom, we will require the Student's email address on the next page of the registration process Immediately remove from service any fall protection equipment found defective or subjected to forces as a result of a fall from elevated work. Inspect fall protection equipment as recommended by the manufacturer and specified in this plan and ensure inspections by qualified persons are conducted as required

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Fall Protection Inspections, Equipment Servicing, Maintenance and Training A Contract Award Notice by UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. Source Contracts Finder Type Contract (Services) Duration 5 year Value £150K-£250K . Sector FACILITY Published 10 Aug 2021 Delivery 01 Aug 2021 to 31 Jul 202 Inspection identification tags labels certags. Proper care, inspection, and maintenance of your safety harness, which serves as an effective fall protection equipment, is vital in making sure that it continues to deliver its intended. Buy harness inspection tags exelprint Key Considerations for Inspecting Fall Protection Equipment. Inspecting fall protection equipment is a key component of a fall protection program. Proper inspection of fall protection equipment verifies the equipment is in good working condition and capable of protecting employees if an incident occurs

11/25/2019 - 12:00PM Lifetime of Fall Arrest Equipment; 09/20/2019 - 2:28PM Inspections of Fall Protection Systems - OSHA and ANSI Compliance; 08/06/2019 - 3:30PM Leading Edge Fall Protection Equipment and Use It's critical that your fall protection equipment be used, stored, inspected and cleaned correctly. Levitt-Safety will inspect, clean, service and even proof-load an array of fall protection equipment. We are authorized service centers for 3M (formerly Capital Safety, DBI-Sala & Protecta brands) and Honeywell (North, Titan, and Miller) brands Our turnkey fall protection solutions include fall arrest system design, installation, training and inspection. Many clients choose to contract with Versatile for their OSHA-mandated system and equipment inspections. Call us NOW to schedule your Fall Protection Inspection: (855) VER-FALL or (855) 837-3255. Versatile Systems is Manufacturer. assessments of personal fall protection equipment to include before-use inspection, assembly, use, disassembly and storage according to the manufacturer's instructions. Since the ANSI/ASSP Z359 standard is a voluntary national consensus standard, and the OSHA regulations d However, an effective fall protection system inspection can be completed in four simple steps. 1. Adhere to OSHA and ANSI Standards. OSHA 1910 and 1926 state that personal fall arrest systems must be inspected before each use for wear, damage and other deterioration, and defective components shall be removed from service.

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  1. ATS provides inspection and certification for a wide range of fall protection systems, such as active fall protection systems, roof anchors and anchor points, guardrail systems, horizontal lifelines, , and more. A variety of safety standards and regulations apply to the inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment
  2. Inspecting Personal Fall Protection Equipment. Failure to inspect personal fall protection equipment is one of the top 5 reasons a business isn't OSHA compliant. Most people don't even realize that they need to perform a visual inspection of their fall protection gear prior to their shift, let alone have a documented annual inspection.
  3. Inspection of Personal Fall Protection Equipment. Smaller items of equipment can be inspected in our workshop. Where a client has only personal protective equipment such as harnesses, lanyards, fall arrest blocks, tripods, man-riding winches etc., these items can be sent directly to CSS Worksafe for inspection and re-certification
  4. e all nylon webbing for burn marks, tears and wear points. → Look for torn, frayed, broken fibers, pulled stitches, or frayed edges anywhere on harness
  5. Preventative maintenance for personal fall protection equipment includes inspections prior to every use. These inspections look for signs of wear and damage to the system's components. If you find any signs of damage, some components of the system can be repaired by the manufacturer or a manufacturer authorized repair center
  6. Inspection instructions. A fall protection system must be inspected regularly, meaning before each use. This is not just a cursory onceover. If it fails to pass inspection, immediately remove from service the faulty component or components. Follow these inspection instructions: First, look for the equipment's date of manufacture.
  7. Description: This 6-hour Guardian Competent Equipment Inspector Training course is designed for those individuals who will be responsible for inspection and documentation of all Fall Protection equipment on either a jobsite, department, or organization, whether Construction (OSHA 1926), General Industry (OSHA 1910), Maritime (OSHA 1915, 18) or other regulations

Fall protection inspection services go hand in hand with product equipment safety and fall arrest systems once you have a safety plan in place. Its effectiveness in preventing fall-related accidents is directly correlated with all of the personal protective equipment (PPE) and related systems that protect your workers being in good working order Ensure that inspection of fall protection equipment in their area occurs in the timeframe specified in this document. Ensure that inspection records are maintained for fall protection equipment for their area. Immediately take out of service any defective or damaged equipment. Ensure that equipment is either serviced or replaced

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  1. imizing the risk of working at height - but, to do this properly they must be in good working order. Therefore this equipment must be used, stored, inspected, serviced, and cleaned correctly as per the set.
  2. Equipment Manufacturers provide inspection logs either in the User's manual or on an attached inspection tag on the equipment, these should be used to document pre-use inspections. In addition to pre-use inspections, annual equipment inspections must be performed and documented by a Fall Protection Competent Person (FPCP)
  3. Supervisors, JHSC members, health and safety representatives, maintenance and engineering personnel, or any worker who as part of their job, need to use and inspect their fall protection equipment, or has responsibility for the inspection of fall protection equipment. Maximum Number of Participants. 12. Prerequisite

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  1. Inspection and Maintenance. The requirements for the maintenance of height safety equipment are included in AS/NZS1891.4 2009 which covers the selection, safe use and maintenance of industrial fall arrest systems and devices designed for use in restraint technique, limited free fall and free fall applications. This Standard should be referenced.
  2. Download checklist inspection form. These forms are for use by a Fall Protection Equipment Inspector having the training qualifications, expertise and ability to detect faults in height safety equipment. Maintenance records/service history shall be kept for items of equipment in accordance with OSHA, ANSI and CSA Standards
  3. fall protection equipment Topic: A general concern has been raised across different industries who make use of fall protection equipment and the requirements for the inspection of the equipment. This Good Practice Note is intended to provide information on the frequency, procedure and level of detail of inspections, as well as the type o
  4. ar builds upon a student's practical knowledge of fall protection through the discussions of theory and practical inspections of fall protection equipment
  5. The Competent Person for Equipment Inspection course is designed for the fall protection equipment user, or at-risk worker, as well as their supervisors and the safety professional. It is also designed for those in the tool room who may issue fall protection gear to others and who are required to perform regular inspections on it
  6. Today, 3M Fall Protection carries on that proud tradition, delivering premium quality DBI-SALA® fall protection solutions that enable workers to do their best work safely and comfortably. View all 3M DBI-SALA brand products. Download the 3M DBI-SALA fall protection catalog (PDF, 21.84 MB) 3M™ Protecta® brand products
  7. The aim of the course is to provide course participants with the requisite knowledge on the work at height, capability to conduct pre-use and annual fall protection equipment inspection, knowledge on equipment maintenance, storage and servicing

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To meet this crucial requirement, Honeywell Training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a safer, more productive work environment. Contact Honeywell Training at 855-565-6722 or HoneywellSafetyTraining@Honeywell.com equipment on roofs), fall protection is required when conducting inspection and investigation work. 21.B Roles And Responsibilities. 21.B.01 Fall Protection Program Manager (Program Administrator per ANSI Z359.2). The Program Manager is responsible for the overall development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Fall Protection. INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST FOR FALL ARREST SYSTEMS . Page 3 of 8 BODY HARNESS AND LANYARD INSPECTION REPORT Instructions: 1. All parts of the body harness and its attachments must be inspected for wear and damage. 2. Please Tick for YES or OK and an X symbol for NO or REPLACE. 3. Inspect and document monthl Click the link to view our free online training course: https://osha.oregon.gov/edu/courses/Pages/fall-protection-online-course.aspx Subscribe for more fr..

DFP installation technicians have vast experience installing a complete range of fall protection systems. Training Establish policies for workplace safety and train employees on the proper use of fall protection systems. Inspections & Recertificatio Fall Protection Plan. T8CCR 1671.1 - requires that if conventional fall protection systems are not practical for the work being performed, then a written fall protection plan must be developed and implemented by a qualified person. The plan permits work to be carried on in a designated area, without conventional fall protection, and requires alternate measures to be used to reduce any fall hazard Overview This is a comprehensive inspection course which after completion will allow those responsible for the inspection of fall protection equipment to make educated decisions on whether the equipment can remain in service or should be removed from service (2) Requirements relating to fall protection for employees working on poles, towers, or similar structures are provided in Section 8615(g) of the Telecommunications Safety Orders. (3) Requirements relating to fall protection for employees working in roofing operations are provided in Section 1730 of the Construction Safety Orders

Employees will open the app and inspect the condition of the equipment before using it by performing a visual check and answering simple checklist questions relevant to the fall protection equipment. Once they complete answering the questions the app will give a result of whether the equipment passed or failed the inspection The 8-hour Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Course is a course designed for a tool crib worker or equipment inspection manager that needs to inspect the equipment prior to issuing to the users, but does not have the level of responsibility the competent person does The proper inspection of fall protection equipment is imperative to your safety when working at heights. This two-part video series contains crucial informat.. Inspection identification tags labels certags. Proper care, inspection, and maintenance of your safety harness, which serves as an effective fall protection equipment, is vital in making sure that it continues to deliver its intended. Buy harness inspection tags exelprint This course is designed to teach you how to properly inspect your fall arrest gear. So, if you are at a workplace that has you working from a height, Advantage Learning Solutions Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Course will teach you everything you need to know about keeping yourself safe on the job

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Environmental Health and Safety Main Office 6 Eisenhower Parking Deck University Park, PA 16802-2116 Phone: (814) 865-6391 Fax: (814) 863-7427 Contact U Fall Protection Equipment Inspection. At Essential Height Safety we know that you care about the health and safety of your workers. That's why we offer fall protection inspections on all relevant equipment to ensure that your work site is maintaining a high level of standard and safety that is demanded across Australia A fall from heights can be deadly. In 2013, there were more than 40 worker deaths that resulted from a fall from heights and over 14,000 recorded incidents of workplace injuries that were caused by falls in Canada. This is why it is crucial to take the time to properly inspect fall protection equipment to help prevent a fall from occurring Product Inspection Guide 800.873.5242 www.millerfallprotection.com 2 Harness Inspection - Guidelines Tagging System Every harness must have a legible tag identifying the harness, model, date o

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types of equipment so our focus here will be on Equipment Inspection for Fall Arrest Systems. It is important that Fall Protection Equipment remain in good condition and the way to do this is to Inspect it before each use . Inspection and proper storage are key to assuring that when/If it is arresting a fall that it provides the protection neede The inspection and re-certification services offered by Applied Technical Services provide you documented assurance by a highly trained, qualified engineer that your fall protection system not only provides the highest level of protection for users, but that you are also in compliance with all standards and regulations like ANSI and others Below is a step-by-step guide for a pre-use inspection of your fall protection harness. These are general inspection requirements that are not intended to replace manufacturer requirements and are not a substitute for formal, documented, hands-on fall protection training.. If you have a concern about the integrity of your equipment or a question about training or inspection, call our Equipment.

This is a comprehensive inspection course will allow those responsible for the inspection of fall protection equipment to make educated decisions on the suitability for use. The course will also include standards and regulations, incorporating what they require and how they relate to the inspection process Peak Fall Protection provides fall protection equipment inspection and re-certification services to maintain continuous ANSI and OSHA compliance with the latest fall protection regulations. Our team can also review, test, and certify existing systems where documented certification does not exist Fall Protection: Equipment and Inspection Fact Sheet; Fall Protection: Equipment and Inspection Fact Sheet. Publication date: May 23, 2007. Publication type: Fact Sheet. Document . 65fallprotequip.pdf. Topics . Equipment and Tool Safety topic page, Shop Safety topic page, Workplace Safety topic page The problem is that fall protection equipment on many worksites is not inspected often enough for wear and damage. In order to maintain their integrity and service as a life-saving safety solution, personal fall arrest system components — anchorage connectors, body wear and connecting devices — must be systematically inspected and maintained

Service Life of Fall Protection, Tech Brief FP-GS00 2 6/2015, 1.800.MSA.2222 MSA safety.com Service Life & Inspection Frequency MSA maintains that a fall protection product can remain in service as long as the product passes inspection by the user before each use and by a Competent Person other than the user at interval FallTech is the leading manufacturer of fall protection equipment. We're self-described safety fanatics who design, test, and manufacture in the USA. From full-body harnesses and shock-absorbing lanyards to anchors and self-retracting lifelines (SRLs), FallTech is the trusted leader in worksite fall protection safety

From lifeline equipment to fall protection plans, we have the resources to keep your team safe and informed. With a focus on accessibility, we offer extensive features at reasonable prices. At Malta Dynamics, we are proud to be the construction industry's leading source for fall protection equipment that meets your specific requirements fall protection harness inspection requirements OHSA requires all workplaces using fall protection equipment to hold a safety harness inspection certificate. Employers are required by law to have all safety harness equipment inspected once a year (or more, depending on the situation) by a professional to achieve this certification The Competent Person for Equipment Inspection course is designed for the Fall Protection equipment user, or At Risk Worker, as well as their Supervisors or Manager, and the Safety Professional. At the completion of this course, the participants will be able to discuss and demonstrate the following topics TEAM-1's Fall Protection Equipment Competent Inspector Course is designed to introduce standardized practices for fall protection equipment inspection by a variety of hands-on exercises. Written and practical tests are administered to ensure the principles presented in this course are understood Wisconsin fall protection systems & fall safety equipment: Northland Safety Solutions, specializing in Fall Protection equipment, design, engineering, training, inspection & testing. As a Turnkey provider of engineered fall protection systems, our 'Team' of fall protection specialists has over 40 years of experience in this marketplace

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Safety is in Our DNA. Safety is core to Werner culture and history. A legacy of leadership in access at height. 150 years of combined fall protection expertise The Fall Protection Standards System is a series of existing and planned fall protection-related standards. These standards are designed to educate workers concerning proper use of equipment and overall safe work strategies and systems to minimize the distances and consequences of falls from heights should they occur ACCOUNTABILITY. Did you know that an astounding 2 to 3 percent of brand new equipment fails its initial inspection? TFP is accountable for every aspect of your fall protection, from consultation and purchase of fall protection gear, to training and annual inspection Fall protection system assessments; OSHA, ANSI Z359.2 standard regulations relating to Fall Protection; Fall hazard surveys and procedures; Detailed equipment inspection; Development and implementation of Fall Protection plans and programs; Traditional Fall Protection (e.g. handrails, guardrails, etc.) Fall Restraint system

Fall protection equipment inspection training is a half day (4 hour) course, including both theoretical and practical application and testing dependent on the total number of participants in the course. Attendees will receive a fall protection equipment inspection workbook as well as a wallet card upon successful completion of this course Types of fall protection equipment . There are several types of fall protection equipment available including fall arrest, travel restraints and guardrails. It is important to understand the difference between a fall arrest system and travel restraint system. These are commonly used in the construction industry, but may apply to many other.

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OSHA Regulation for Fall Protection (OSHA Fall Protection Inspection Requirements) OSHA requires that employers design sites in a manner that prevents workers from falling down holes, elevated workstations, and overhead platforms. The administration dictates that businesses must provide workers with a personal fall protection system such as a full body harness or a safety net system to carry. An individual knowledgeable of fall protection equipment, including the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions for the proper use, inspection, and maintenance; and use, inspection, and maintenance of fall protection equipment and systems. Connector. A device which is used to connect parts of the personal fall arrest system and.

Certified Slings & Supply® is a certified rigging inspection company that can thoroughly scan, test and diagnose your rigging and fall protection equipment. If you are unsure about the state of your gear, call us today at 1-800-486-5542 ANSI Inspection Standards. According to ANSI/ASSE Z359.2-2007 American National Standards Section 5.5.2 Fall protection equipment shall be inspected by the authorized person at least once at the. Fall protection plans will outline the policy and procedures involved in assembling, maintaining, inspecting, using, and dismantling equipment such as ladders, scaffolds, or platforms used for working at heights as well as any fall protection equipment. Fall protection plans must be specific to each site where workers are at heights

US fall Protection frequently performs on-site fall protection inspections of existing single point anchors. Inspections consist of a thorough review of existing safety procedures, a visual inspection of the single point anchors and a load test on at least 10% of the existing anchors 1926.500(a)(2)(iv) Requirements relating to fall protection for employees working on certain types of equipment used in tunneling operations are provided in subpart S of this part. 1926.500(a)(2)(v) Requirements relating to fall protection for employees engaged in the erection of tanks an

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The 8-hour Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Course (formerly Competent Inspection) is a course designed for a tool crib worker that needs to inspect the equipment prior to issuing to the users, but does not have the level of responsibility the competent person does. The training provides experience, methodology and in-depth look at all standards (ANSI & CSA) and regulations (OSHA) covering. Toolbox Talk: Fall Arrest Pre-Use Inspection. May 17, 2016 - By #Dean Kurtz Construction Company. OSHA requires that fall protection equipment shall be inspected by the user before each use. ANSI and most suppliers require a competent person other than the end user perform a formal inspection of that same equipment at least annually Use the inspection criteria below to maintain fall protection equipment in good working condition. Note: Always refer to equipment owner/operation manuals for specifics or additional requirements Use this checklist to ensure that fall protection equipment is in good condition and safe to use. Adapt the checklist for the fall protection equipment in your workplace, the requirements of the OHS laws in your jurisdiction and the requirements or recommendations from the equipments' manufacturer Fall Protection Systems. Using outdated fall protection equipment or going without a safety fall arrest system can have serious consequences. Of the 1,008 construction deaths in 2018, 338 of those workers died by falling. Fall protection systems are the key to reducing those numbers and giving workers essential tools for jobsite safety

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A Fall Protection maintenance guide to help you make good choices while taking care of your personal fall protection equipment. Harness Land is the source for supplying your guardian safety harnesses & retractable lanyards. all pre-use and Competent Person inspection requirements as detailed in the product instruction manual 14.2(3) When this Part requires the use of a guardrail system or fall protection system at a workplace, the safe work procedures must address the following issues: (a) the location of each guardrail system or fall protection system to be used at the workplace; (b) the procedures used to assemble, maintain, inspect, use and disassembl HEALTH & SAFETY. TRAINING. Hazmasters health and safety training encompasses a number of high-value topics, including: Fall Protection End User. Fall Protection Rescue Basics. OSSA FP2010 Accredited Training. Fall Protection Equipment Inspection. Confined Space Entrant. Confined Space Attendant/Entry Supervisor The Fall Protection Group of the International Safety Equipment Association has prepared this use and selection guide to provide practical, hands-on guidance for fall protection us-ers and administrators in their selection, use, maintenance and inspection of fall protection equipment

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• The use of personal protective equipment for fall restraint or fall arrest • Other means of fall protection (such as safety nets, etc.) Generally, fall protection exposures for the telecommunications industry are covered in 29 CFR 1910.268. Specifically, 1910.268(g) addresses personal climbing equipment for use while work i This course has been designed for operatives to carry out inspections on their issued personal fall protection equipment. It is aimed at providing you with information and techniques to enable you to: Undertake pre-use checks, interim inspections, and thorough examination Contents. Related Guidelines + Add to My Handbook; 11.1 Definitions 11.2 Obligation to use fall protection 11.3 Fall protection plan 11.4 Selection of harness or belt 11.5 Equipment standards 11.6 Anchors 11.7 Temporary horizontal lifelines 11.8 Certification by engineer 11.9 Inspection and maintenance 11.10 Removal from service. Fall Protection. Related Guidelines. Fall Protection Equipment Inspection. Eastern Safety Services offers an onsite mobile Fall Protections service to inspected your fall protection equipment. You can be confident knowing our staff are fully certificated to inspect fall protection equipment. We are one of the few service providers to offer this mobile Fall Protection Services As fall protection's most responsive partner, we provide quick and flexible solutions for fall arrest, rescue and confined space needs . With a 100,000 square foot facility in North Carolina and a growing, passionate team, we relentlessly pursue excellence to ensure workers are trained and protected by the best in modern fall protection

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Lanyards are the most common way to connect the worker to their anchor point. Lanyards consist of a length of webbing or cable, a shock absorbing section (or 'shock pack'), and a hardware connection on either end Fall Protection / Equipment Inspection. According to the BLS there were 680 fatalities from falls in 2008. (Almost 2 a day) 578 of those falls were to a lower level (fall from heights) these are usually falls over 6' and workers should not be exposed to them If fall protection is required, establish a complete fall protection program if one is not in place. The program should include educating and training workers, selecting and fitting the equipment for the task and the worker, and knowing how to inspect the equipment Fall protection equipment shall be inspected by the authorized person at least once at the beginning of each 8-hour shift in which it is used to verify that it has not sustained any wear or damage that would require its removal from service. Fall protection and fall rescue equipment shall be inspection on a regular basis not to exceed one. Check out our online knowledge base of safety topics and videos. This invaluable platform is an ideal learning resource that lets you browse the latest fall safety information at your own pace, in any order, and as many times as you like. Our fall protection topics and videos are a great resource for additional training for safety directors, managers, construction workers, and users

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