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  2. Best Cabinet Color For Uba Tuba Granite I tend to agree with most of you that gray and anything similar does not go well with Uba Tuba granite. I like whites and warm wood or brown colors for cabinets to match with Uba Tuba. For a more modern or country style then go with white cabinets and a white tile and white wall paint
  3. g. Off white is usually preferred vs pure white by people who prefer warm colors. What colour granite to match white vanity and toilet medium brown hardwood and cream shower insert.

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  1. The Uba Tuba Granite you see here is something to behold. It's actually deep and dark in color, mainly stark black but with a little bit of accent throughout. That creates a more elegant look than you might think, compared to the white granite you usually see. The dark colors work great with different colors of cabinets as well
  2. Paint colors to match uba tuba granite. Uba tuba granite also called ubatuba verde labrador green labrador or butterfly granite is typically such a dark green color it appears black. I have a color for that. The stone may appear lighter darker and with more or less of various colors in its makeup depending on which section of the quarry it was.
  3. We will be getting Uba Tuba granite, too. We just had our kitchen painted with SW Irish Cream. I really like it. I describe it to people like this: it's tan, but not really tan. its yellow, but not really yellow. its gold, but not really gold
  4. Ubatuba. Regular Ubatuba granite has a dark green background with consistent speckles of gold, brown and green throughout the slab. It is truly one of the more versatile countertop options you can find, as it looks great with matching darker cabinetry or contrasting lighter cabinets. Between the beautiful appearance, durability and easy care.
  5. I have Uba Tuba granite along with white painted cabinets, the cabinet paint is called Whisper from Dunn Edwards, and the walls are painted Golden Gate from Dunn Eduwards as well

Uba Tuba granite, also called Ubatuba, Verde Labrador, Green Labrador, or Butterfly Granite, is typically such a dark green color it appears black. With small flecks of white, gold and light green, this granite is one of the most common stone surfaces used in kitchens because it suits most decor styles SIMILAR GRANITE COUNTERTOPS: Green or Verde Uba Tuba Peacock Green Granite has a DOMINANT black base along with the following colours Green-blue blend with some gray to calm it down Gray with a blue-green underton Image: Blanc du Blanc from Terra Granite Clues for Matching the Paint with Granite Countertops. Find a complementary paint color to match with your granite countertops. Once you choose the best match, choose a shade one to two times lighter or darker on the same card. Compare paint chip sample strips to the dominant color of your granite. Find. Because Uba Tuba granite looks black but has flecks of white, gold, and green, you can use practically any backsplash color you want. But lighter colors are the most popular choice for the contrast that can make them both stand out. You have to get really close to Uba Tuba granite to see that it is not completely black At first, Uba Tuba has a black, glass-like appearance however if looked at more closely, it is a medium grained, green granite that consists of gold, white, brown and turquoise specks. The shade of green can vary from slab to slab, typically if the stone consists of a lighter green it will be marked as verde

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Nov 11, 2014 - Explore Matt Tuniewicz's board Uba Tuba Granite on Pinterest. See more ideas about uba tuba granite, kitchen remodel, kitchen design If you want to touch up, or need a precise match of the color and sheen of the Formica 7733-46 Ubatuba Granite, choose spray paint, paint pens or touch up bottles. However, keep in mind that our version of the Formica 7733-46 Ubatuba Granite is based on matching an official Formica color sample we have in our archives Paint Colors With Green Granite - Verde ubatuba is a dark green with light green flecks granite quarried in brazil. Aug 13 2019 explore debbie means s board paint colors countertops on pinterest. For an elegant overall room this soft sage is perfect to create an updated or even a historical feel Countertops are Uba Tuba granite. Kitchen is huge with large island and butler's pantry area, so replacing granite is cost prohibitive. We replaced the original ugly 4×4 beige backsplash about a year ago with gray/blue mosaic glass tiles which brought a little more color to the pallet

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  1. Ceramic. If you are concerned that the dark color of the Uba Tuba countertop will give your kitchen a gloomy look, use ceramic tile in a light color for your backsplash. White tile can provide a stark contrast with the granite for a clean, bright look. However, dove-gray ceramic tile may pick up similar tones in the granite for a complementary.
  2. The good news is that you have a very wide range of paints that you can choose from. The most popular types of paint that you can use on granite include acrylic latex, epoxy, acrylic, or plain ol' latex. When choosing a paint, make sure that you pick a primer and sealer that work with that particular paint color
  3. The highest quality, custom installed, Uba Tuba slab granite ranges from an average of $40 to $80 per square foot depending on edge choice and cut-out. For those seeking prefabricated Uba Tuba slabs prices range from $15 to $25 per square foot with a $200 to $400 installation fee

Lovely monochromatic European kitchen design with gray kitchen cabinets, gray walls paint color, Ubatuba granite counter tops, sink in kitchen island, farmhouse sink and open shelves. 1st Option Beautiful cream colored cabinetry and chocolate wood stained island Uba Tuba Granite is one of the best black countertops. It is quarried in Brazil and is one of the most favorite dark granite countertops. This granite is also considered deep green and often looks completely black. However, Uba Tuba granite countertops are sometimes speckled with gold, brown, white or turquoise blue shades Paint colors that match uba tuba granite what color should i paint a coffe table or stain it with the colors in my living room of burgundy cream and sage. It sticks well to most surfaces including metal plastics powder-coatings cabinets and. I like whites and warm wood or brown colors for cabinets to match with Uba Tuba A primary color, blue is relaxing and connotes harmony, calm, and infinity. A Drake/Anderson favorite shade of blue is an ethereal wisteria, with a purple-ish cast. Our go-to for this delicious color is Benjamin Moore's White Heaven 2068-70, the perfect celestial hue!— Jamie Drake, Drake/Anderson. SHOP THE COLOR When choosing paint colors and countertops, you need to keep the undertones of your wood cabinets in mind. For example, choosing a green color or even a neutral with a green undertone will make cherry or mahogany kitchen cabinets go more red. Ok, back to the question: what are the best granite countertops for cherry cabinets

Another example is the off white kitchen cabinet doors.Off white is usually preferred (vs pure white) by people who prefer warm colors.When you pair off white kitchen cabinets with dark brown granite countertop and matching backsplash, you have both options on hand- to use off white paint colors and make the kitchen cabinets blend while the countertop & backsplash will stand out OR you can go. What tile would work best with Uba Tuba granite in a bathroom? I found a vanity top today. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was already cut to size and I got it very cheap. I think th

Elegant, rich, and luxurious, Uba Tuba will create an intriguing and highly sophisticated ambiance in your kitchen. Black Granite Countertops Kitchen: Uba Tuba. Photo credit: MSI Pros and Cons of Black Granite Kitchen Countertops. Black granite colors are an absolute favorite of many homeowners and interior designers Uba Tuba Granite Countertops Kitchen Design Ideas in Pictures: Picture Credit: Eurotech Cabinetry. As a sample of contrast color selection, this kitchen is a good example with cabinets all the way to the ceiling which has Uba Tuba granite tops. Dark engineered flooring also made a good contrast along with ceiling yellow painting When working with the blackish granites such as the very popular Uba Tuba (that name always makes me giggle), the golds are a must to compliment and contrast with this granite. Gold is a feel good color and it's one I recommend often in the kitchen. It's a nice way to start your day and the color on the wall will definitely have an impact in that Best Blue Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore We have cherry craftsman style cabinets and uba tuba granite. Lots of it! Hardwood floors. All girls. Leaving a yellow wheat straw color for sonething updated and neutral. Lots of bay window natural light. Wanting to lighten up the room. Cabinets and counters won't change

In this guide, I'll show you 15 of the most popular granite colors and how they can make a world of difference in your kitchen. 1 - Azurite . Azurite granite, originally created in Brazil, is a cream colored granite with different variations of blue and brown details throughout its design that provides a beautiful contrast Granite countertops - 1990s in particular. In the early 2000s, we started seeing a bit more gold (orange-yellow) THE BEST PAINT COLOURS FOR TILE (or carpet) WITH A PINK or ORANGE-PINK UNDERTONE. There are actually flecks of a smokey blue color in the Uba Tuba and I was trying to lighten things up Homepage » Home Decor » Paint Colors » The 10 Best Greige Paint Colors For 2021. The 10 Best Greige Paint Colors For 2021. Posted: Dec 13, 2020 · Updated: Dec 13, 2020 by Jenna Shaughnessy · This post may contain affiliate links · 4 Comment 4. Blue Bahia Granite. Blue Bahia Granite. You don't have to keep your colors simple to create a timeless look. Natural materials like wood or granite aren't made with trends in mind. Blues may go in and out of style, but sapphires are always beautiful Hope you are able to find the perfect paint color and able to start painting away. Painting is my therapy and I feel like I need a therapy session soon! The perfect greige and warm gray paint colors. I listed 9 of my favorite greige and warm gray paint colors that will look beautiful in any home . If you want to save this for later, you can pin.

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Backsplash Ideas for Maple Cabinets and Uba Tuba Granite. Uba Tuba granite, also called Verde Labrador, Green Labrador, or Butterfly Granite, is typically such a dark green color it appears black 3. Ubatuba. If you want a granite color that will stay in style, you can't go wrong with Ubatuba, one of the most commonly used types of granite for countertops. While Ubatuba can have a great deal of variation in color, it's typically dark green with flecks of lighter gold, green, white, black, gold, and sometimes blue I love your blog on 90's granite. Any ideas on how paint color update/paint kitchen cabinet color with 80's Almond Mauve Granite. We would love to rip it all out but on are a limited budget. Currently the cabinets are custom poplar or maple white washed. Thanks so much! FYI, We have cement floors and no backsplash The Uba Tuba tops and backsplash contrast with a neutral tone across the center of the kitchen. Besides, green color wall paint plus nice cheery color hardwood floor are pairing perfectly together. Picture Credit: Fireplace & Granite Distributors. Uba Tuba and tile backsplash give a plenitude of textural detail and in addition the white cabinets Take it for Granite: Creating The Perfect Pair With Your Backsplash And Granite Countertop March 30, 2017. Peanut butter and jelly peas and carrots mac 'n' cheese some combinations just belong together, enhancing one another's best qualities, creating a product even greater than the sum of its parts

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What Paint Color Goes With Uba Tuba Granite. Uba Tuba granite is a darker colored stone that pairs well with white, gray, and almost any light paint color. Uba Tuba has a hint of green in the granite color and will pair well with greens and dark grays as well. White cabinets really make this granite color stand out Granite is tough and durable - second only to diamond in natural hardness - easy to care for, resistant of staining and bacteria when properly sealed, will last for decades, and comes in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. You can use granite to complement or contrast the color palette of your kitchen or use it as the only color Paint Color To Go With Blue Pearl Granite - Do rubbed oil bronze door knobs and white doors go together. Very good choice of colors both will fit your needs. 13 blue pearl. When painting walls opt for a lower saturation in the wall s color intensity to keep them from competing with the granite

Ubatuba granite countertops are one of the most popular choices amongst homeowners - and for good reason. This gorgeous dark green natural stone has magnificent gold, brown and green speckles. It is a wonderful choice to contrast white kitchen cabinets (or other light-colored cabinets) White Kitchen Cabinets With Uba Tuba Granite | Kitchen design and planning is most essential step for you to obtain the personal look, practical use and customised to fulfill you and your family's lifestyle and needs. One of the preferred colours kitchen designers choose is white. White kitchen cabinets can be utilized to make a subtle design statement or painting a very dramatic distinctive. What paint color goes with navajo white. Again the warm and cool colors compliment each other nicely and keep the navajo white from feeling too warm and bright. Bm uses different colorants and gray many times instead of black in their off white colors. Navajo white ppg1101 2 a popular color this warm beige has components of yellow and olive tones It is because this post consists of my seven best choices of wall paint color to pair with white kitchen cabinets. To sum up everything for you, those colors are white for compatibility and clean look, light gray for a clean but less bright look, greige for a clean but warm look, beige for a soft warm look, yellow for cheerful atmosphere, dark. Kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets combination is something you must consider thoughtfully to create a fabulous interior design. Find the information about the five most popular combinations, including also on the right wall tones that are compatible to use in each of them in this post

The best benjamin moore paint colors yee haa let us today. Nh starting at off ready to give them to take advantage of customer service. Uba tuba granite kitchen ideas, room assistance in curtains selection of the best benjamin moore paint colors first as black shades Granite colors. Like most granite slabs, Uba Tuba slabs have a lot of color variation; however, these slabs are primarily made up of green, black, and brown. The most prominent color you'll notice in the slabs is a dark green, with specks of gold, white, black, lighter green and perhaps blue. However, the green is so dark that the slabs often.

Outstanding example of Uba Tuba granite with shaker cherry golden honey color cabinets. Kitchen has mosaic natural stone backsplash and brown color stone floor tile. Darker stones will look great with golden honey color shaker cabinets. It is very very important to pick the right backsplash because it will effect whole picture believe or not While there are a few popular colors like Uba Tuba Granite or Giallo Ornamental Granite or Indian Coffee Brown that are found in huge quarries, most granite is only available in a limited amount. Sooner or later, most granite patterns that are being in the market today, will be completely quarried, making the slabs from that quarry un. Paint Colors To Match Uba Tuba Granite. Urban Bronze Paint Color Sherwin Williams. Colors Go With Red Brick Vintage Front Door Paint Colors With Red Brick Amazing 12 Of The Best Paint Colors To Go With Red Brick Laurel Home What Colors Look Best With Brick Oldmillbrick Blog Interior Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick.

You may want a wall color that works well with your cabinet's paint color, whether that means enhancing the cabinet color you love or blending it into your space. Simple wood cabinets of any material (cypress, bamboo, cherry wood, walnut teak and oak) would go well with Uba Tuba Granite countertops If you want a similar granite with a more vivid green, look at Peacock Green Granite. Also similar to Uba Tuba is Verde Butterfly Granite and Emerald Pearl Granite. Uba Tuba Granite pairs very well with medium to dark wood cabinets. Green is the most abundant color on earth

The Best Combinations of Beige with Other Colors: Light-golden, dark-sandy, golden-brown, pale-green; Yellow-green, dark-olive, light-olive, salmon-colored; Rose, peachpuff, rubiginous, light-peachpuff. Decoration of The Kitchen in The Beige Color. It wouldn`t be enough to decorate the kitchen premise with only a ready-built kitchen while. Though neutral tones work best with many room colors and can adapt to changes in decorating schemes, you may prefer a bit more color in your kitchen countertops. Granite with flecks of red or yellow can help to warm up a kitchen area. Conversely, to add a cool and soothing note, try bits of blue or green in the granite pattern Kassy Grace has painted her cabinets in Sherwin Williams Snowbound SW 7004 and her walls in Agreeable Gray SW 7029. Both are trending colors and look beautiful in a farmhouse. For more ideas check out our post on the best Sherwin Williams white for cabinets.. POPULAR GRAY SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT COLOR

This gray color has a slight green undertone and this is a beautiful color with a lot of depth and it's also versatile. As I look at the paint card in my kitchen, it is possible that it could be too dark for those who do not have a lot of natural light in the kitchen In this case, since the black appliances and Ubatuba granite were black or almost black, I advised them to paint the lowers and island, a warm black color. SW Iron Ore was my first recommendation for that color, depending on how it looked with their slabs. That would minimize the attention that the counters and appliances would have Ubatuba Granite Countertops . Granite Countertop Samples. 3 Results Color/Finish: Ubatuba. Sort by: Top Sellers. Top Sellers Most Popular Price Low to High Price High to Low Top Rated Granite Countertops. Color Family. Black. Green. Multi-Colored. Best Seller. STONEMARK 3 in. x 3 in. Granite Countertop Sample in Ubatuba (2) Model# DT. There are plenty of reasons to go with granite countertops if you are updating your kitchen. It is a natural stone that is both heat and scratch resistant. To make it even more durable, sealing the material will also prevent staining while helping to keep the surface bacteria free along with regular cleanings.Granite also comes in lots of beautiful colors and patterns―some options even.

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After settling on this type of wood finish, though, you have to consider the wall paint.Whether you prefer neutral colors (think light gray and beige) or statement-making shades, most natural wood cabinets can complement any interior design motif. We'll help you pick the best paint color for your cherry cabinets with ease The source of inspiration for your home, from living room design, decorating bedrooms, dining room lighting, kitchen design, and countertops More Buying Choices. $24.51 (2 used & new offers) GraniTile 360~8 oz. epoxy Knife-Grade kit. Specifically formulated for Granite, Tile, and All Stone Repair/Easily and Quickly Repairs Chipped, Broken and Missing Pieces/Covers 350 sq. inches. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 197 You have to understand that granite is like a fantastic art medium when it comes to colors. Uba Tuba Granite. When you look at colored paint, it's very straightforward. You just have one color. Even when you're looking at pastel, there are no gradations. You're just looking at one color

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Color Choice Tips Uba Tuba . While choosing colors of granite countertops, look for density of pattern and depth of color. Select colors you adore but also consider the light that enters the room. If it is a north or east-facing room, it will tend to feel cooler due to the natural light. South and west-facing rooms feel much warmer The bottom line is that Uba Tuba granite will go well with all your options. Unique color profiles. Granite is one of the most versatile countertop materials there is. Despite all the variety, most people choose to settle for traditional beige or veined white options. There is nothing wrong with these if that is your style

Ubatuba is one that you can buy for the awesome name, but keep for the quality. This granite is known for the gold specks throughout, though there are certain varieties of ubatuba that have red and green thrown into the mix. As a bonus, it's is also kid-proof, since it's tough to stain when accidents happen For another earthy contrast, see the dark, forest-green Uba Tuba Granite. Subsequently, question is, what color granite goes with light wood cabinets? Black and gray granite countertops give off a very dramatic appearance and are often best suited for contemporary kitchens that boast light wood or white cabinetry I like whites and warm wood or brown colors for cabinets to match with Uba Tuba. At Spectrum Stone Designs Central Virginias leading natural stone fabricator we understand the dilemma and want to help you understand which countertop. 8252017 As long as the other colors in the stone arent overpowering the one tone you are matching

Dark/Black granite: perfect for contemporary and sleek designs, if you really want to create a futuristic and contrasting style then pair a darker granite (like Ubatuba) with white cabinets and silver hardware. The contrasting colors of your materials will make you hardware stand out Nevasca Mist Granite is an on-trend granite from Brazil that effortlessly swirls together gray, greige, and beige colors in a beautiful neutral palette with a soothing pattern. Here, it works well with the cloudy white cabinets, nickel pulls, stainless appliances and contrasting lighting hardware. Granite can add interest to a white-on-white. Flooring. Since green granite countertops are already dramatic looking, it is best to use a neutral colored flooring material with a plain design. If using wooden floor planks, select light colored stain like maple or light birch. For tiles, best to pair it with light colored matte ceramic or natural stone tiles

Light Gray. Try: Tinsmith by Sherwin-Williams. When most homeowners go for monochromatic in the kitchen, they'll opt for a timeless bright white. But trend experts have long surmised that soft grays will soon overtake the ever-popular paint shade as the de facto neutral—and in 2021, they could be right. According to home remodeling site Houzz. What color countertops go with Alder cabinets? For light to medium toned Alder Cabinets go with Honed Black Granite, Mysore black granite, Brushed Uba tuba, and Mombasa granite. For a rustic styled kitchen goes with Heathermore slate. For light countertops opt for, Costa Esmerelda Granite, Grey Lagoon Concrete quartz, and White Zeus Extreme Quartz Yes you can paint over granite. Free delivery with 45 order. Its literally the color of flesh. Some of the Uba Tubas love gray cabinets as long as you hone in on the right undertones If you have the green-based Uba Tuba youll want a gray with cool green or green-blue undertones and AVOID purple. Use a granite grey paint that connects with. A 3cm thick slab of peacock green granite will cost you around $40-$50 per square foot. This is a pretty standard price, and as there are very little variations in the mineral patterns in this stone you should really not be paying any more than this. You can pick up 2cm thick slabs for around $35-$40 per square foot

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Green vintage kitchen design with mint green cabinets, stainless steel apron sink, oil-rubbed bronze faucet, green bead board backsplash, Ubatuba granite counter tops,West Elm Capiz Chandelier, open shelves and sky blue walls paint color. Wicker counter stools sit at a gray granite kitchen island countertop Imported from Brazil Giallo Napole granite offers consistent light gold and. Looks best with stainless appliances and both light or dark backsplashes. 9102019 The light gray walls a popular kitchen paint color for dark cabinets provide subtle contrast and keep the room feeling bright and airy Paint Buying Guide. Buying a can of paint should be easy. But walk into any home center or paint store and you'll see just how confusing the choices can get. Brand lines keep expanding, and the.

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May 23, 2016 - Explore Dave's Wholesale Cabinets's board DE Color Palettes, followed by 110 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about granite, color, granite colors Also know, what colors are in Ubatuba granite? Colors of Uba Tuba Uba Tuba has been described by fabricators as being black, green and even brown. Uba Tuba is a primarily dark green granite made up of flecks of lighter green, black, gold, brown, white and even turquoise blue.Uba Tuba's color can vary from slab to slab and even within one slab. what color cabinets go with Uba Tuba granite Possibly resulting in an expensive paint job! The area between the wall cabinets and countertop enhances the color separation. For the effect of merging the cabinets, wall areas, and countertops - granite can be applied. The alternative is a paint color that blends off the contrasting differences Q: We have dark granite countertops, I think called Ubatuba, that were installed in our kitchen when our house was built in 2003.There is one major seam between two slabs on the L-shaped main.

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top granite colors,granite white color,white supreme granite,white g granite,cloudy white granite,arctic valley granite,granite countertops and paint colors,white granite countertops,white galaxy granite kitchen pictures,white and brown granite,best white granite Cabinets are brown with brown hardwood floors. Uba tuba granite update ideas. Combine with your preferred metallic accents for a more cohesive look. The most popular granite is one that incorporates neutral colors like black and white, gray, or beige and brown. It even has a grey color that becomes a good match with the oven stove if you look. This granite color type is also called verde uba tuba and can also contain color speckles of gold, white and. Ubatuba granite (sometimes spelled uba tuba granite) is a stunning and very popular darker colored granite that is quarried in brazil Splendid Granite Uba Tuba Color Transitional Kitchen interesting Ideas with Bisque Paint and Elk Lighting Posted on December 10, 2020 by wike woo Image by: BKC Kitchen and Bat

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Luckily, with a greige paint color this should be very minimal as the dominant undertone should be beige/brown. 18-jun-2020 - what color paint goes with brown granite - Google Search All granite (and Marble) gets its name from the background color Wall Color Wisdom. Show off the gorgeous brown granite in your bathroom with a contrasting wall color Color Family. Multi-Colored. White. Gray. Black. Brown. Beige. Gold. Blue. Cream. Green. 11 options available + See All. Best Seller. STONEMARK 3 in. x 3 in. Granite Countertop Sample in Thunder White (1) Model# DT-G800. STONEMARK 3 in. x 3 in. Granite Countertop Sample in Black Galaxy (8) Model# DT-G772. STONEMARK 3 in. x 3 in. Granite.

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57 best Uba Tuba Granite images on Pinterest | Kitchen5 Green Granite Colors that Will Turn your Kitchen BeautifulWhat are the best granite colors for white cabinets inBest Granite Countertops for Cherry Cabinets202 best Red brick house paint colors images on PinterestWhite Granite - Ilkem Marble And Granite

Granite Paint Granite Countertops Colors Granite Colors Kitchen Countertops Kitchen Cabinets Countertop Paint Dark Granite Kitchen Kitchen Flooring Granite Bathroom ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap is a color tool that lets you instantly turn any picture into a color palette pulled from more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors Due to its naturally neutral color scheme, this granite can work well in both light and dark types of kitchen décor. When you have Bianco Antico countertops with light or white kitchen cabinets the overall effect is obviously very light and bright. The overall grey appearance provides a nice little tonal contrast to the light cabinets. The Spruce. An idyllic shade of white paint can be dreamy in kitchens. The Spruce Best Home First Frost (SPR-25) scores big points for being both bright and warm. Because the color has a warm undertone it is the perfect foundation for a modern kitchen with metallic accents in rose, copper, or gold tones Neutral colors on walls allow the granite to stand out as a colorful element in the room. For the walls, select a different color or shade than the color on the cabinets or the backsplash. If the cabinets are white and the backsplash is gray, add neutral colors to the wall, such as a dark beige, tan or toasty brown Choosing the perfect paint color for cabinets can be agonizing because there are so many gorgeous colors out there that can be almost impossible to narrow down choices. I wanted to share with you 30 beautiful cabinet paint colors for kitchens and baths that are also some of the most dependable and versatile colors out there for cabinetry Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets & Black Granite. When you have a kitchen designed with white cabinets and black granite countertops, it's like working with a clean slate. A black and white color.